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Thursday, 11 April 2013

#1 monthly fashion obsession!

This month (in my slightly obsessive mind) is all about khaki greens and leather accessories. Maybe I’m a bit late for this trend but I have been in love with this sleeveless V-necked H&M dress; it’s so pretty and at an acceptable length! I find it feminine but a little bit tough, which is great for all those girls out there who aren’t all pink and fluffy!!

Continuing on with the ‘tough’ look I decided that it would go great with a cropped leather jacket, (which is far too expensive for me :( ), some black suede lace up shoe boots, a suede clutch, and lastly to ward off the non-existent British sun, tinted sunglasses!

Anyone else share my khaki green dress obsession? have you got any weird new fashion obsessions lately?



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