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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

‘the boy no one loved’ by Casey Watson book review

‘the boy no one loved’ by Casey Watson

‘Casey Watson is a specialist foster carer and an author at the same time. As a specialist foster carer she works with profoundly damaged children, seeing each child through a specific behavioural modification programme, at the end of which they will hopefully be in the position to be returned either back to their family or into mainstream foster care.’

When it comes to books about abused and abandoned children, I always seem to be quite sceptical. I seem to think that they all tend to be quite extreme and the characters always out of hand. However this book completely changed my mind about these books. I think this is an amazing book for both girls and boys, in their mid-teens, who are looking for an emotional book to read. It’s very easy to read and easy to understand and has such a gripping story to go with it, so it’s great if your just getting into books (again).

The book highlights the problems that our society faces today with child abuse and abandonment and how small things make a big difference. As a teenager one of the things that I really want to do when I’m older is adopt a child, as I believe that every child has the right to live life like any other and to try and find un-conditional love where others have failed to provide it.

The book also shows how strong and patient foster families are and how hard fostering actually is. Children and parents (and some teenagers like me who still watch cbbc!) are constantly being given an idea that care homes and foster families are all “happily ever after”, in the TV programs that are aired such as ‘Tracy beaker’ and ‘the dumping ground’, and when in actual fact they really aren’t.

One more thing that also made me choose this book to read (apart from the fact that I bought it for £1.00!) is that all Casey Watson’s books are real and they have happened before to countless children all over the world.
Has anyone read this book before? And what did you think of it?


  1. Gripping review , you got me really engrosed in the tale. I like this because you can connect with it as it is reality. You should definitely do more

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