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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Autumn Leaves

As summer comes to an end, and autumn starts to show its leaves, my wardrobe insanity comes to an end. Say goodbye to the super bright colours. Goodbye to the crazy prints. And goodbye to the ‘leaving the house without a jacket’ moments.
My wardrobe has officially become boring again. However… don’t you fear I have a new fashion obsession to share today!!!! Et voila! Here it is!

 This time I was inspired by the colour leaves turn as they leave their green state; a lovely burgundy/orangey colour; the colour of fire, love and dark secrets. And so this mood board was born.

As you can see the overall outfit looks sexy but tough at the same time. You can wear it in the morning to college/work/interview stuff, then swap the sneakers for some hot heels and open up the jacket to reveal the lovely see through chiffon for a sexier, edgier evening look.

The makeup that you wear with this look would also determine the overall feel and persona you give off to people; for the day I would keep it natural with some foundation and gloss, but later on in the day I would apply some black eyeliner and generous amounts of mascara, followed by some deep red/burgundy lipstick.

Personally I would only wear this outfit if I had something going on in the evening and had no time to go home and change.  If I wanted to make the look more casual I would instead swap the dress for some black jeans and a cute panda shirt! naww pandas!

The dress I chose was from HM (Dress with chiffon details), the jacket you can find practically anywhere, (I found this gorgeous one just last week in a market! woop for bargain buys!), the bag from Deichman and the shoes from All-star.

So what has been your fashion obsession lately? would you ever wear this outfit?

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